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Open Source Wireless Access Points, delivering Internet around the globe.

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Internet access can dramatically improve the lives and economic opportunities of rural populations. This drove us to develop OpenCellular as an open source hardware and software solution that is optimized for rural connectivity and is inexpensive to own and operate.
Dr. Kashif Ali
Chair, OpenCellular Project Group, TIP

Our Mission

OpenCellular (OC) is an open source access platform with a focus on enabling rural connectivity. OC is an ecosystem of open source projects focusing on hardware, software, testing automation, manufacturing and building tools for ease of deployments and operations to bring Internet to people in rural areas around the world.

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FPGA is communicated with the baseband board through FX3 – USB controller (USB interface) and the digital data is transferred between AD9361 transceiver IC and FPGA through LVCMOS interface.

OpenCellular brings 4G-LTE speeds to even the remote locations. OpenCellular, using Cavium OCTEONFusion SoC, can now add to its portfolio a deployable enodeB that supports this wireless broadband technology. Because of its innovative approach, OC brings LTE to rural communities around the world.

OpenCellular Ware is an embedded device management software suite. It performs platform-level monitoring to ensure system stability across the various OpenCellular projects.

A reliable power solution that reduces CAPEX and OPEX

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